Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Last Day

It's kinda mixed feelings. I guess I will miss my lunck kakis afterall even though we are not as close like CL. But they are really nice people. They are probably about the only nice people I have met there.

In front of my bozo, say want to farewell for me AGAIN. Hee...but this time not free la. We went to the Pasta Fresca at PTB, looking enviously at the Fish & Co next door. So comfy! Wah, next time must go!

Stupid bozo. I not racist. But the ah neh....Someone explain why everyone who gets into your project either leaves (because they have been here enough donkey years to not be bullied by you) or quits. The big one never even show anything except to ask me if I got my bonu$. I bet he hope so much that I didn't get. (You so kpo for what! So concerned whether I found a job or not and whether I got bonu$ or not, why u so concerned with my rice bowl for huh?) The small one, walked past my desk and looked at me with slanted eyes (thinking I did not see). C wat C! OK my last day liao. U will not see me ever again. And I hope I will never ever bump into you 2 too. So stay put where u belong here and never get out.

I will also miss lunch with MY and her new friend. It was nice seeing her here of all the places.

My african violet from bee has been donated to my only other gal lunch kaki. Hope she can make it flower. The ventilation in the office is really bad. After so many months in the water, all I can see are the roots. :(

Ok, time to go, my stuff are packed. Just 2 bags full, not much compared to my CL days. Time to go to ulu Cargo Complex to do HR clearance (dumb right?). Ok, I actually have to take 2 buses to get there even though its so near. I took 2 to Changi V, then 19.

My VP, I need her clearance. Somehow I think she is a xiao li cang dao. I don't believe whatever nice things she says.

Payroll. I got my pay for 13 days of July. Less everything else....there's almost nothing left to get back. :(

Finally HR. Nothing much. They must be so used to this after being here for donkey years (who isn't)

I bought a drink at the canteen before departing. The abang at the drinks stall was jovial as usual. The kind of words he says, would usually make your day.

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