Monday, June 20, 2005

Stupid bus driver

My ez-link is blacklisted again. The fund deduction must have not gone through. Today is Monday, payday was yesterday. How is it that the fund deduction didn't get through? GIRO has some funny system to deduct your money before your balance is totally wiped out?

Anyway, so I asked the driver:

Me: How much is it to Paya Lebar?
Driver: That card is yours?
Me: Yes, how much is it to Paya Lebar MRT?
Driver: Is that card yours?
Me: Yes.
Driver: Don't use this card.
Me: But I don't have another card. How much to Paya Lebar?
Driver: The card cannot use.
Me: !!! How much to Paya Lebar?
Driver: $1.20

Stupid bus driver. Cannot understand English...

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