Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The result of a stupid policy...

If you were really sick and had to walk across half the estate to see a doctor just so that you get an MC, so that you will not be accused of AWOL.....I'll probably just die. And I did. I reached the doctor's and couldn't do anything but rest my head on the thankfully comfortable sofa there.

I had to put on clothing decent enough to step out of the house, walk across 2 bus-tops and 2 other clinics so that I could see this one. Anyone who has been to this part of Bishan would know that this is a place where there are no lack of clinics. RMG, Children's, Womens, GPs, Skin, more little clinics, what have yous. This place is just not short of specialised GPs. Yet, I need to walk 10 minutes, I'm lucky. Or otherwise take a shuttle bus that will probably take me 30 minutes inclusive of waiting time, so that I can reach the other doctor at the other end of Bishan.

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