Friday, June 24, 2005

Interview 4


It was a weird process. There was one person there acting as a facilitator. But the actually person conducting was far away in the US. This isn't the first tele-interview I've had...but its just weird being in a room with someone and talking to the person in the phone and ignoring the other one. Everything was just so 'kentang'.

Interesting interview, interesting job scope. I hope I get this one. It sounds somewhat fun (for the first time in x interviews I've been to). And for the first time, I was able to say, I did it mostly out of fun rather than for work. Good? Bad? We'll wait and see..

Then there was a take home test! We were asked to be imaginative...but I really think its more of a personality test!

If you cooked a nasi lemak that's too salty and burnt. You have no time to cook another pot and your friends are coming over to a party. How would you salvage the situation and what could you have done to minimise such occurences?

Hmm..what would YOU do?

Now, for the most happening thing. The cab I was coming back in langa! My cab stopped in time but the one at the back didn't and langa into mine and me into the front cab. 3 cabs! When I turned around, there was a 4th vehicle, a van with its shattered headlights on the ground beside the back cab.

I heard the screeching of the brakes behind me. Before I knew it, I felt the impact as though someone had hit me hard on my back. Nothing serious happened though, my seat belt didn't jerk but ya, it was a 4-vehicle accident along busy Victoria Street.

It was easy for me. Get out and hail another cab :P

Now, is this a good or bad omen?

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