Wednesday, June 22, 2005


My ex-colleauge jio-ed me to KK. Diving. No, he ain't a diver but his female friend was and was looking for a preferably female diver.

So I met him and his friend for dinner.

I last saw him about half a year ago and remember asking why he didn't want to stay till bonu$ before leaving. But he decided to leave anyway.

It's the sickening bozzo again. He then told me he left 60% cos of that bozzo. Now, I really think the problem is with the bozzo. Why?

He gave me a mean appraisal. Told me about this other colleauge (who to me looks ok) is actually "at the bottom of the stack". And this other colleauge, has since tendered as well. Now that I know why my ex-colleauge left....I start wondering if he's secretly trying to drive people away for whatsoever reasons?

Anyway, I'll leave it as that and forget about reasoning with an ancient dinosaur who has been here for eternity.

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