Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Photography and Loving to take pictures

There are 2 kinds of people who like "photography".
  1. The kinds who love taking pictures, of themselves especially, a.k.a self adoration.
  2. The kinds who enjoy getting a good picture taken.

I've always loved the candid shots, the ones that mean good picture composition and capturing "the moment". A picture tells a thousand words. And a good picture, a story. They surpass the "say cheese" pictures anytime, anywhere. Frankly, pictures of people, will soon become stale. It's either picture the scenery or the people. Forcing the 2 to be together, somehow just spoils everything. In fact, I've come to be grossly put off by the ones who simply love taking pictures, especially that of themselves. There is a single shot for each particular place, with each particular person. I may have exaggerated but when multipled, the effect is scary.

There is nothing wrong with loving to pose for the cameraman. Unless it is a photo shoot-out, I think something is very wrong when it goes overboard and becomes distasteful.

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