Monday, May 16, 2005

My Favourite Dentist!

My favourite dentist.....was recommended by a friend of mine. The first time I saw him. Ok. Neutral. He was a young and talkative chap. Friendly and kinda cute. I guess we could talk because I was young (I'm still young) and he's young (compared to all other dentists I've seen)too...

I last saw him...1 year ago when I meant to get my teeth straightened out. But I wanted to get my diving over and done with first. So it delayed till today. My goodness, 1 whole year later. I will get it done this year. I promise.

Anyway, why I saw him again. Because I went to the company dentist for an ache in my cheek. I had originally thought it was a cavity which the old company dentist didn't find. His scaling and cleaning skills sucked. He blamed my bad gums for it. He said, "Your gums not very good, clean a bit, it start to bleed." He told me to eat more citrus fruits and sent me off with some bicarbonate soda tablets to rinse my mouth with.

3 days later, the ache is still there. Something is not right. I happen to be in the area and suddenly remembered my favourite dentist. I called him and asked if he would be in today. I met him 30 mins later in his clinic. It was later I found out he actually was not working today. When I saw him, OMG. He had put on quite a bit of weight and apparently, not as cute anymore. :P But his pattern still the same...

My favourite dentist, also did not find any cavity. He flossed the huge molar that was right at the back. I have no idea how he could do such an impossible thing. He did a mini x-ray and told me that it could be a crack. He got another pretty dentist in to confirm. Finally, he told me, it could either be gum infection OR a crack in the tooth. I was stunned. How could my teeth possibly, CRACK?!

He explained to me how and what we can do to make it better. I got free cleaning and scaling on those 2 teeth which of course didn't hurt like ALL other dentists. I SWEAR, I have not been to a single dentist who doesn't hurt me when cleaning my teeth! And then blames it on my bad gums. *bleah* If you need a good dentist to clean your teeth...I'd gladly recommend him, anytime.

I was given a course of chlorhexidine mouth rinse and antibiotics. Miserably, I headed back to work after my .5 day leave. I really hope my tooth gets better. Because the worst case scenario would mean an expensive crown for my tooth. I'm no princess, so no crowns for me please.

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