Tuesday, May 17, 2005

He still remembered I exist!

Today, I got an email from him asking me to work. What a surprise! I guess it was also due to a good move on my part. All along, I thought he had already forgotton about me. I don't even like to walk past his cubicle now. Just don't like seeing this black face near me. I'm very sure, he had a part to play in whatever happen/is going to happen to me today.

Blackies are vicious creatures that can stab you in the back. They pretend to be the docile sheeps while we become the scapegoats for any of their misdeeds. It's my fault, its always my fault when I can't get something done. When employees do less than expected, its always their fault, not the bozz's.

Anyway, I was supposed to get some information from someone from another department. Who apparently was not in. I managed to call her this morning to find out she was not around yesterday. It's now 4pm and she has yet to reply on a system she's currently supporting. My job, is to call her again.

Then I was also supposed to make some HTML changes to a "canned demo". But I was supposed to find the "realistic" values out of the thin air. The colleauge he recommended doesn't have the information. Now, I'm hanging in mid-air again. If I can't get the values right, it's gonna be my fault again.

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