Thursday, May 19, 2005

About Bozz(os) again

Today, a colleauge was asking me after's many projects have I done here...I said, 2.
His confirmation date was approaching, as is mine. There's only 1 question we newbies have in mind. To stay or to go? Why? Because we are simply rotting here...

He is rotting just as I'm rotting...projects delayed, held back, doing nothing but waiting. I realised one thing, that I am not the only person with such a plight BUT the only person with SUCH a bozzo. So, my fate is different from the rest. I am getting more and more convinced that it's just a rotten excuse.

IT is like the backyard here where everyone wants out. The little blackie has been here for over 10 years and only an SSE. The PM too. He's an AM but an AM ain't really an M too. The "born and bred" here probably can't do anything much outside, much less get the same moolahs simply because the skills just aren't good enough.

While other people have work thrown at them, I need to find things to do. And as if I don't ask, these go by unnoticed. But somewhere down the line, either information is withheld so that I get labelled "lack of initiative". There's really a limit to how small frys like me can do.

A typical week passes by at user site, handholding the user, walking through the solution proposal. In the meantime, vendor and user debating over what is and is not in scope. Then comes the use case specifications which are written in nothing but plain English. This means a few more weeks of spoon feeding because as users, they "do not understand use cases" (which by the way is written in English). They don't understand what is date-timestamp? Examples quoted should be realistic and real life? Don't you know what it means to be an example? It is a misery that, they even complain that documents are not easy to read. They forgot to think it was even harder to prepare them.

What can I do? If people don't respond. If people are on leave, if there are no backups? If the project is not their prority, if they are across half the globe in Europe or America and on holiday mood because it is now Nov/Dec?

Is it really my luck? That by the time "engines" start again and its time for appraisal. It looks like I have done nothing much because everyone was pretty much "on holiday". I'm pretty sure there's at least one other person in the same circumstance and rotting. But...appraised by a different bozzo. I think I'm just very down on my luck.

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