Saturday, April 30, 2005

Out Of The Blue

There are the friends who stay by you no matter what. Those who bother to stay in touch even if its just once a year or even just an occassional sms or email.

Then there are the ones who appear when...they are getting married. Not a word more transpired between you and her, then the next message comes when she's about to marry.

She was the beautiful bride of one of his buddies. We met on a trip to Bali and hit it off pretty well. The problem comes when 2 friends just drift apart (ok, I know its sad) and then she invites me to her wedding.

I had something on and couldn't go. Sent her an sms of well wishes...I had, no replies. Well, I guess, some things are meant to be like that. I have learnt to take many things easy.

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