Thursday, March 17, 2005

Stupid Rule! Stupid Security Guard

I was in a darn foul mood as I was walking my 10 minutes out to the bus stop, all thanks to someone.

The idiotic security had to make it worse by making my busstop further.

Its like that, there are 4 gates on the way out, 2 on the left and 2 on the right with the security post in the middle. Coming in in the morning, we typically use the one on the right. The bus stop was towards the right hand side.

Thanks to some brainless nut. The only door left open when I go home each day is the left most gate, and the furtherest gate from the bus stop. Please make some send will you?

It was obvious I was darn pissed with the arrangement, having to walk a whole big round, making the already far bus stop even further. It wasn't even like I was going home at 8pm or later! Pissed with the arrangement and no cars around at 7pm, I was told to USE THE PEDASTRIAN CROSSING!

I ignored the stupid security guard completely, didn't look at him, didn't talk back. And guess what, he said I had an attitude problem.

Yes, I have a big problem. An attitude problem. So what?
Its better than having a pea brain.

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