Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Finding Volunteers

Where does one usually draw the line in getting volunteers to get a job done? Does the skill level matter? For that matter of fact, I just registered myself yesterday to be some "unskilled worker" for the fun of it.

What I'm about to say here is that, I thought for some of the skillsets required, they really ought to be paying someone for it rather than getting volunteers to get the job done. Just what are they looking for? Interpreters, media relations officers, "tour guides", program, transport and logistics arrangements etc. Many such positions require certain experience levels, certain skillset. This is an international event. If things were to go well, the name would certainly be big. Who's to know that the show is runned by volunteers? After the show, these are the people who's most likely to be forgotton. Unless something major comes on, I doubt the show will ever flop for something as big as this. When its a DO or DIE, of course, u DO.

Some volunteer organisations run on passion. Some run on benefits. No doubt there may be certain intangible benefits for the volunteers. But for "skilled"...I really wonder if its that easy to get these people to volunteer their time for an event that's not even for charity while getting measly benefits. Ok, I know volunteering isn't really about getting benefits out of it. But, I mean, its really different if you're a doctor or dentist and you give free services to the needy who cannot afford it.

Sometimes I think volunteers here are ill-treated. Sometimes I think they are treated like cheap/free labour, treated like full-time staff. Some organisations think of it as they are so high and mighty as those they are giving you a salary, so you are at their beck and call. And of course, I've seen some volunteers who ever so often think so highly of themselves that they think its a big deal to be sacrificing their time. Perhaps its really about not taking each other for granted. Surely, we cannot be running on passion alone?

What do you think?

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