Monday, March 21, 2005

Adidas Sale @ Expo

Total damage: $120 + $95!
That's a whooping $215!

Salomon shoes: My sports shoes are running out
Salomon jacket: No more hot & horrible ponchos
Salomon tee: Another hiking/gym gear dry fit
Adidas top: Can I just say it looks nice?
Adidas singlet: Only $10
Adidas sports sandals: Its high time to retire my Converse
Salomon guards: I'm clutz at blading..but...I'll still need guards right?
Salomon Day Pack: My > 5 y.o. Deuter is giving way with its inner lining disintegrating. Awfully.

Day 1: Lunch queue was horrible! It was when you discovered that being young and a student is certainly great. With holidays on and all the time you can spare. You could most certainly come and queue even before the sale started. The crowd thinned off as the lunch hour passed. It probably peaked again after work.

Day 3: Went again. Cos fellow adventurers wanted to go and we were nearby anyway. Sale has almost ended with most of the stuff gone. Many participants were seen there scouting for suitable sporting/adventure gear too after the outdoor cooking event.

Day 4: No more sale. You probably expect to see many Salomons in the streets now. TPAC members probably have more uniform dorned on. Last year, it was Bossini. This year, I expect it to be Salomon. We have "upgraded". Haha.

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