Wednesday, February 02, 2005


What a failure...I mean, the orientation. What? Did I hear correctly? 2 entire weeks of sitting in a "classroom" listening to old men and women deliver their "sermon"? Come on, there has to be a better way of spending time that wasting it away like that.

Ok, it was not all that bad, given that I had the opportunity to go home early. Opps. Not "early" but rather "on time". Made a few new friends, had some chit chat sessions and ya, that was about it.

Sometimes, I don't get it. Why are there old fogies who simply revel in being a pain in where the sun don't shine. Someone who sends in complains about every batch of orientation-ees. Either there's a problem with you or with everyone else. Complaining to "teacher" about being late? Haha. And, one does not have to be rude to get your point across isn't it? I rest my case. Besides, what's with giving a powerpoint presentation with text all typed out in CAPS? Do you really need to shout to get your point heard?

And, I wonder how they go about organising things. Putting different groups of people with a different objective to meet in a same orientation group? Ack... Poor directions given, lousy assumptions....

There's certainly plenty of room for improvement.

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