Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Doctor

I haven't fallen sick in ages. Each time I visited the doctor, it was for some physical injury *bleah*

Then I fell sick recently. I had to follow the stupid company policy of having to visit a company appointed clinic. It took me 20 mins to reach the clinic.

It's quite sickening. You are expected to travel 20 mins by bus to the clinic, register, wait another x mins before seeing the doctor, wait for medicine, then take another 20mins to travel back home. You actually need 2 hours to see the doctor!? For most people, the company appointed doctor is usually not 5 mins walk away.

I cannot imagine if I were seriously sick and in need of medical attention. I would probably have died trying to make my way there. *Touch wood* but thats the way policies are formulated here. It is not as though visiting a doctor on the company's panels of doctors come free. It is not.
Not free and no freedom of choice. It sucks.

More often than not, these clinics are there more to make a penny out of you (or your company), by prescribing the expensive medication that you do not really require or medication that do have cheaper alternatives.

I had the common cold. But was prescribed with a course of antihistamines and antibiotics. A cough mixture which was not really necessary. Well, its not the first time I'm having a cold for sure. My normal doctor wouldn't have given me all these medication and definitely not antibiotics. Surely I'm not so ill I require antibiotics?

As with all common colds, what you really need, is rest. Medication? A visit to the doctor is your passport for an MC, that's as far as it goes. OK, medication does help you get better, faster. But what we really need is, rest. The medication makes you sleepy and you sleep. That's rest too.

Antibiotics? I didn't touch them.

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