Monday, January 10, 2005

Beyond Your Comfort Zones

How many things can we possibly learn in our entire life? We come to this world with nothing, we also leave with nothing. In between, its how you fill up the time that makes life a fulfilling one.

Life is an adventure isn't it? Yes. Now, what is adventure? Does it mean being an expert in something like adventure sports and excelling in it? Or is it the ability to handle the multi-facets of life, indoors or outdoors? Are you great when you are 100% good at 1 thing, or are you great when you are 99% good at a few more things?

Adaptability. Whether you're a fitness freak or a couch potato, being adaptable generally does no harm. The ability to take life as it comes, the ability to throw back whatever life hurls at you is truly a valuable asset.

So, what do you do when you are faced with something unfamilar? Sulk and cry? Or accept it with grace knowing while it may be a little out of reach, it is worth a try? Of course, if you're so damn (over)confident, you can always attempt to reach for something extremely out of reach.

Back again to my philosophy of stupid people. I have often heard, There are no ugly women, only lazy women. I think it applies to everyone. Its the stupid people who do stupid things. But, there are no stupid people, only lazy people.

So you are stumped by something. Well, you have a brain don't you? And you have a mouth. Can you learn? Can you think? Don't know something? Find out. The crux of it all lies in whether you even botther to try before giving up.

Life is really not about spoonfeeding at all. That's the problem with the education system in Singapore. You are spoonfed almost all your schooling years. To a certain extent, its good because you know all the right ways of doing things, maybe even systematically and methodically. But what happens when something goes wrong? I don't remember being taught how to make a wrong right!

Do you learn more when you're spoonfed a.k.a. nice, cushy, comfortable and you get it right the first time? Or do you actually learn more when you end up learning things the hard way, when situations are trying and the environment is harsh and demanding? It's really about learning curves vs the time spent. I'm pretty sure we do not want to spend a tremendous amount of time learning everything we want to learn. It helps by leaps and bounds when you have a mentor. Still, "hitting the wall a few times" is still pretty much a tool needed to mould your character.

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