Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Scatter Brains

Why can't people learn to be more responsible for their own words?

I was supposed to sell something off to a girl. We were both fairly busy and we mutually agreed that boxing day was best.

At 1230pm sharp, I was there, right where we were supposed to meet. A good 10 minutes later, no signs of her and I started calling her to no avail. She called 20 minutes later. Guess what, she just woke up. I wonder if she's already out of bed.

It was a good thing I was supposed to be around the vicinty the whole day. Her exact words, we would meet at about 2+ and she would call me when she arrived to meet me at my convenience, thats the CC.

3pm came and past, so did 4pm, 5pm and 6pm with no signs of her. 4 hours overdue. She finally called informing she'll be reaching via cab about 10 minutes later. I asked if she could meet me outside CHEERS, to my surprise, she can't cos she had no idea where was it. Ok, we were supposed to meet at the MRT station. She came by the train instead.

I wonder if she has a brain. Trust her to suggest I go into the train to look for her when I had no idea what she looked like and vice versa. Shouldn't one think the odds of boarding the wrong train is pretty high?

It's ok. What irritated me the most was the fact that she did not appear the least apologetic, much less to apologise for wasting my time.

Was I supposed to wait for her like a fool? I wonder...

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