Monday, December 27, 2004

My Jolly Shandy

Almost a whole month has gone by. It's the festive period and everyone's busy.

My Jolly Shandy is almost a whole year old now. That's 7 human years! He's grown a fair bit and getting more and more mischievous by the day. My cute darling recently amused all of us at home by crawling into a pillow case, which, is still on the pillow.

He has learnt
1) to steal stuff from the rooms (in particular, my room)
2) learnt to stand upright
3) learnt to scratch at me when I return home
4) learnt to be fussy about his food
5) play with his food
6) beg for food
7) bite
8) throw tantrums
9) mess up the house
10) shred paper to bits

Whatever he is, he's still the cutest :D

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