Thursday, November 18, 2004

Typing Speeds, Emails & IMs

Make a wild guess, how did you think I managed to type so fast and without looking at the keyboard? Was it my computer science training? Did I attend secretarial courses? What?

There was a time I was so crazy with the school network system that we could simply be sitting in the terminal rooms and be incessantly typing chat messages to each other. Those were the days I remember, all 7 of us in the terminal rooms, sitting side by side, discussing where to go after class. The little black screen with green courier fonts were really intriguing then. That was in 1997.

Fast forward, I graduated. Did my typing speed improve? Not really. After years of writing for (int i=0; i
It was not until I started working that I picked up this magical skill. Day in and day out, with the amount of coordination work, enormous workload (not forgetting the overtime), the tremendous emails, the neverending streams of phone calls, the levels of multitasking amidst all the technical work I was involved in. It all became breeze. Never a day past with too little work done. I learnt to talk to people about one subject while typing out an email about another. Now that is why, it is very important to be able to type without looking at the keyboard. At home, its a luxury too cos I can now watch tv and type chat messages or emails at the same time.

Well, typing emails out (and reading them) in proper English is probably one of the better ways to improve your typing speed as well as English too. And it does fulfill the human need to communicate with one another while reserving your personal space to be anti-social. Apparently, we can do this concurrently with as many people as you like. For a third reason, I can send an email my boss/users when I have no wish to see/hear his/her face/voice.

Well, well..I think I have a jolly attitude to tame. :P

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