Monday, November 01, 2004

Psychedelic Pain. Feel the Burn..

I'm in pain again (and I collected a few more 'souvenirs' yesterday). Then again, it feels good. I think I'm psychotic by allowing myself to revel in such self inflicted torture. My body is aching from 2 (soon to be 3) days of continuous exercising. It's ok, the 3rd session will rid me of the "ecstasy" mode I'm currently on. That'll be, tonight.

The difference between going to a gym and making the nature your gym is in the enjoyment. The rush of adrenalin is inexplicable. I finally see why there are people who get so hooked onto exercising. Going thru a motion with an objective in mind beats going through the motion for the sake of it just to satisfy our own 'self-discipline'.

It's strange why people are willing to pay to be tortured but I am looking forward to the next session :)

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