Thursday, November 04, 2004

Love vs Computer Games

I was talking to a colleauge about computer games and computer animation yesterday. This was what he said, "It's already so difficult to play, still want to write." Heh...I agree. Computer graphics and animation is not a simple thing.

Yesterday night, I had another conversation with someone else. Love is like a computer game and its the kind that doesn't come with cracks or secret passwords. Either I'm stupid, or its just not my cup of tea. Its too tough for my IQ. And before you know it, its game over.

Each relationship has a life span.. You collect merits and demerits as you go along. You never know what you're gonna get and each scenario is different from the next. (Goodness knows what went on in the programmers mind). Everything is about trying your luck or pushing your luck. Take it a step too far and things can fall apart. And when its too late to salvage, you justt have to start from the beginning again.

If its "Street Fighter", you get many other contenders who will compete for the attention of your "better half". Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Again, if you do lose, you start from contender 1 in stage 1 all over again.

There are also stupid computer games too. It's very simple to understand and play yet extremely addictive (like tetris and the likes). No matter how much you tell yourself you have other things to settle. But somehow, some way or another, you just find yourself being pulled in without even knowing it yourself. Is this temptation? All I know is that once you're in, it's hard to realise how deep you've gone, even harder to get yourself out.

Even though you seem to have played it 100 times, each time is just different from the last. The difference lies in how long you survive in the game. But the ending is always the same. GAME OVER.

Hmm..if I ever find out who invented this crazy thing, I'll ask him why. Or perhaps, its a her.

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