Monday, November 29, 2004

Little Miss Amoeba

Sometimes I wonder why I try so hard. Sometimes I ask myself if its worth it. I think I'm like a little ball of fire. Or perhaps like a dormant volcano. Or maybe I'm just too nice that people bring me for a spin, or take you for granted.

Nice temper != no temper. I guess, I need to remind myself of this, sometimes. It's probably my job to remind others that I can see red too.

Loyalty? Just how much is it worth? As far as I'm concerned, we all need to eat. Does it really matter who feeds us as long as someone feeds us? You know, passion does not just die with affiliations gone.

Does it lie in the art of brain-washing? Or the art of sweet-talk? At the end of it all, there seems to be a personal agenda to everything. All neatly placed "in good faith" and putting yourself in "good stead". There are just too many mongers in the market today. They all sell one commodity, fish. Yes, SELL-FISH.

The heart does feel. It does not lie. I'm dead practical and realistic, a very typical Taurean trait. The head does rule the heart. But while the head can lie and try to deceive even yourself, the heart does not.

The world is too complicated for a single-celled animal like me. Call me an amoeba.

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