Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Life of A Programmer

It has come to a time in my life where logic completely takes over everything in my life. My training in school and at my work place has taught and conditioned me to be so. So much so that every single thing about my life, my likes and dislikes, my happy and my sad, the peopple around me, the way I make decisions and solve problems are based largely on the same logic as that of a programmer.

It seems, that almost everything in life, can be written in if-elses. It seems so mechanical, and even sad. Sad, because have we human beings degenerated into some robotic fools? Void of emotions and senses? Have we lost the ability to feel and touch?

Are we really in such a pathetic state? Perhaps in the society we live in, yes. Because there's a pressing need to be realistic and practical. The innate survivial instinct in us rises. Do or die. At other times, maybe self before others. It sounds really cruel to me. There are probably many things in life we wished we'll never need to do.

Actually, can everything be written in if and elses? I WISH. Then life will be much simpler. Bosses will be simpler, Friends will be simpler, Men will be simpler and Women will be simpler, life will be simpler, don't you think?

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