Saturday, November 13, 2004

Encounter with Chek Jawa

My butt is split by now. I'm surprisingly unburnt and unscathed. I'm tired but satisfied.

I've been to Ubin too many times to recall. It has been a good day out with enough sun and enough rain. Chek Jawa, heard about it once too often and disappointed each time I go there with the intention of paying the place a visit.

I'm not feeling too good, there have been many many things on my mind recently, and it's disturbing me. I cannot do something about it, yet I don't have the ability to ignore it.

The openness, the fresh air, the rural feel. What can be better than a fruitful day well spent? What more when it allows you to dispense of all your energy.

It was low tide. You can see the shore line very far away. Amazing life form exists in the most unnerving circumstances. To be constantly reminded of the beauty and greatness of Mother Nature.

The soft spongy sea bed filled with seaweed. Cute little crabs. Soft clay-y sand, perfect for a spa. The vast land, breathing in the sights and the smells sets you mind at ease immediately with its calming effect. You seem to forget your troubles for an instant.

I love nature.

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