Friday, October 29, 2004

My Handsome Boy...

I figure, he needs extremely little sleep or I'm totally useless. He sleeps so little and is always bursting with energy. He's awake when I sleep at night. Way before I'm awake in the morning, he's there all ready already. His weird antics never seem to amuse me :) And you just melt each time you see him in action *beam*

He loves, paper. Any forms of paper. It ranges from junk mail, brochures, mailers to the core of your kitchen towels or toilet rolls. It's his favourite toy. In fact, he's play "snatch" with you over paper. No papers? It's ok. Plastic bags do just fine. Err...that's assuming you don't have food with you.

Totally huggable, simply irresistable :)

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