Friday, October 01, 2004

The man who changed on board

I think it happens in other countries, I've heard it. But this is the first time I see such a thing in Singapore.

It was a wet morning as usual. It had stopped raining but the ground was wet. The bus was crowded and I was sleepily in a daze and wishing weekend would be here soon. I was seated in the first row of the bus. This Chinese man in his early 30s caught my attention. He changed on the bus!

Well, ok. It's ok to put on a shirt on top of your tight t-shirt. It's also ok to tuck in your shirt. But he had to unbuckle his belt. Then he proceeded to put on his tie and then plonked himself down on the empty seat beside me. I guess it wasn't _that_ obscene or anything but it just doesn't look nice right?! In front of the whole bus.

I mean, I've seen gals putting on makeup and all. But change, this is something new.

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