Monday, October 25, 2004


Had a quick gather with 2 of my girlfriends last Fri. I am thankful for friends who bothered, friends who genuinely want to know how each of us are doing, for bothering to take time out once in a while.

At the same time, another dropped me a message over friendster. We were supposed to have met and caught up eons ago. Its been years and we never met. I remember how we did almost every project, tutorial together. Braved the lectures and labs and got equally lost when we couldn't do our assignments. Failed together and eventually graduated together.

I sent a birthday wish to someone on Friday. She is someone, I can remember her home phone, her home tel, her home address and postal code. Nah...I'm not amazing or so bored I had to memorise someone's address, she just happened to stay in the next block when I was young. There was this time she irritated me so much when she just went on and on about meeting guys and how WE should be lowering our expectations or going out to meet guys cos WE are getting "old and unwanted" because WE were too "fussy". I really thought it was just her. I taught her how to cycle back in the secondary days. We graduated and have been busy with our own lives ever since keeping in touch only occassionally via email. A good 10 years later, she appeared again, telling me she forgot how to cycle. We eventually met and caught up at Bishan Park.

It's amazing what girlfriends can do. It's a love-hate relationship. At times you get so mad you think you're going to have nothing to do with the person from now on. Yet, there's simply no way for you to leave them alone. It's amazing how girlfriends can stick to you and outlive your boyfriends and even better the relationship you have with your spouse :P It's amazing how even though you screamed and shouted or lost your temper (and then felt bad later on), they're still there.

The dictionary defines a friend as a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. And a girlfriend is simply, a female friend. Simple words but big meanings.

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