Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Art of Brain-Washing

Life is like a play and the world is your stage. The people are like your soldiers under manipulative spells. Like a play, everyone has an important part to play. Like a play, you are called into your role you fulfill. And like a play, your destiny has been set from day 0.

Hidden behind the beautiful facade of beautiful words and noble visions, psychological manipulation abounds. Whether you call it persuading, convincing, logical reasoning or sharing, there's a known phenonmenon called brain-washing. One has to admit, there lies minute hints of toying with your emotional and mental insecurities of the human being. The flesh is weak.

It comes as no surprise when you're coming from that field of work, really.

I abhor "underhand" tactics to achieve selfish whimps and fancies. I detest and despise such fakery. Beautiful literature is nothing but empty vessels that toy with your feelings endlessly. The heart is an organ, it feels. Passion is seen in actions no words can define. A sincere heart can be felt. I speak no more.

I admit, I'm straight, I'm direct. Perhaps, that's why I'm stupid too. It doesn't matter and I don't care. Life goes on, we learn to cope. That's what makes LIFE interesting, isn't it?


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