Sunday, September 19, 2004

An Insurance Agent..

Last day of my freedom.

And just my luck to meet this sickening insurance agent when I decided to walk home instead of taking the bus. Never in my life have I met someone as shameless and thick-skinned as him. Every sentence coming out of his mouth seems to be peppered with "shuai-ge". Of course, he was referring to himself.

To think he stood so close to me, invading my private space. Gross. I was inching my way away from him all the way. His "shuai-ge" peppered sentences nearly made me puke. Cos he is really nowhere near what he said. Well, I guess his sweet nothings didn't work on me. Too bad then, I'm really not 16 years old. Are all insurance agents trained to sweet talk? Baah..

That aside, I highly suspect he doesn' really know what he's trying to sell as well...

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