Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Demise of Dr Goh Keng Swee

I first heard of it from WV. The President's Charity event is to be postponed, so was the charity speed climb. In my mind, I was wondering just who Dr Goh was. Pardon my ignorance. As I later discovered...

Dr Goh Keng Swee, our former Deputy Prime Minister and the first Minister for Defence, passed away on14 May 2010. During his term, Dr Goh oversaw the development of defence science in Singapore and had a role in building up the Singapore Armed Forces, the Republic of Singapore Air Force and DSO National Laboratories. He also made significant contributions to Singapore's finance, education and tourism sectors throughout his long years of public service.

May he rest in peace.


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The Backup Plan

An online survey done on 100 singles ladies (inspired by the movie – The Back-up Plan) recently, the interesting result is as follows:

Survey details
  1. Gender – All ladies
  2. Sampling size – 100
  3. Age : 21-50Insights & Findings
1. At what age will you give up finding a life partner?
10% of the ladies will give up looking for a partner at the young age of 30
20% of the ladies by 35
25% of the ladies by 40
Conclusion : 55% of all single ladies will give up looking for a life partner by age of 40

2. What is your biggest difficulty in finding a life partner?
23% of the ladies said the biggest difficulty they face in looking for a partner is “They always attract the wrong kind of men to them”
18% of the ladies – ‘The men I find suitable are mostly attached, or married or gays
17% of the ladies – “I am rather picky in finding a life partner
Conclusion : Being too busy and being shy are not longer the main reasons why single ladies cannot find a partner

3. What is your biggest Turn-off of Men?
16% - “Insensitive”
14% - Not generous
14% – over sized male ego
Conclusion : All 3 have to do with a man’s character, not is personality or habits

4. What is your Back-up Plan should you remain single all your life?
24% - engage in social work for the rest of their lives should they not find a partner·
22% - work way past retirement age
13% - just find a companion with no marriage in mind
Conclusion : Almost 50% of all single women will be able to find meaningful substitute should they remain single all their lives.

5. Positive Mindset & Outlook
45% of the ladies wanted “a positive mindset and outlook in life” as prime quality when comes to find a “father” of their child?
41% of the ladies wanted “smart and sensible”
Conclusion : A positive Mindset and life outlook are still precious qualities all women look for in a man should they really find a man to “father” their child

6. If you really want a man to father your child, what would you do?
39 % of the ladies said should they really want to be a single parent without getting married, they would find another man with the same intention.
29% of the ladies would go for artificial insemination
Conclusion : 39% of the single women who like to be a single parent would seek the help of another like minded male, either through artificial insemination or natural ***


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Larger than life

Why volunteer? Why continue to do BOAT year after year, or rather, 2 years after 2 years. Why subject yourself to all the problems you need to solve as a facilitator, organiser with many hours of committment and weekends burnt? Only to feel used and abused? Why?

Indeed, it is much more fun to simply be organising activities for ourselves only. Less the trouble, less the red tapes, less the torment of having to handle difficult participants.One need not join a group like TPAC to enjoy trekking or getting to know new friends. But there is a catch. It can happen for only as long as you have friends and kakis, who, are single and free, like you are, with lesser committments so to speak of. Sure, friends are important. And it is for the people that we first decide to continue to stay on. Beyond that, we begin to ask ourselves, the very meaning behind our existence, as an individual. Or are we someone who wants to do something better?

It's hard to see someone else's perspective, unless you're in it yourself. I just hope that time will tell. Because it has become a fact, that people will come and people will go. That the merits of being a volunteer at TPAC outweighs the advantages of merely being an organiser for your friends. The personal development and growth, opportunities to meet people from all walks of life and the avenue to further outdoor pursuits. Trekking mountain after mountain, without a clear objective, is just going to get boring after a while. Why are you trekking so hard for?

This June, I am bringing people to Gunung Arong. I don't know about you. but I have found a place and I want to share it with more people. I want more people to discover that outdoor pursuits are not just for the gutsy and garang, but for the average person like you and I.

One needs to add meaning to life, deeper than life itself.


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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

黄小琥 - 没那么简单



没那么简单 就能找到 聊得来的伴
尤其是在 看过了那么多的背叛
总是不安 只好强悍

没那么简单 就能去爱 别的全不看
变得实际 也许好也许坏各一半
不爱孤单 一久也习惯
不用担心谁 也不用被谁管

别人说的话 随便听一听 自己作决定
在周末晚上 关上了手机 舒服窝在沙发里

相爱没有那么容易 每个人有他的脾气
过了爱作梦的年纪 轰轰烈烈不如平静
幸福没有那么容易 才会特别让人着迷
曾经最掏心 所以最开心 曾经

没那么简单 就能去爱 别的全不看
变得实际 也许好也许坏各一半
不爱孤单 一久也习惯
不用担心谁 也不用被谁管

别人说的话 随便听一听 自己作决定
在周末晚上 关上了手机 舒服窝在沙发里

相爱没有那么容易 每个人有他的脾气
过了爱作梦的年纪 轰轰烈烈不如平静
幸福没有那么容易 才会特别让人着迷
曾经最掏心 所以最开心 曾经

相爱没有那么容易 每个人有他的脾气
过了爱作梦的年纪 轰轰烈烈不如平静
幸福没有那么容易 才会特别让人着迷
曾经最掏心 所以最开心 曾经
想念最伤心 但却最动心 的记忆

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

As usual, every year around this time, I will be trekking in the mountains. This year was no exception. I took a day off after trekking Gunung Tapis to recuperate from the muscle soreness, which wasn't too terrible luckily. I especially loved the big bao stuck with a big candle from the TPAC people. Just love their ingenuity.

Had lunch with Sean. Caught 初恋红豆冰 and toured the new RWS in Sentosa. I have stopped "celebrating" birthdays for a long time. Its actually feels quite nice to be able to spend a day out like that. Suddenly, I felt happy. It's been a long time since I felt this way.

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It's been 4 years!

A few days ago, a friend asked if I blog.

Pages flipped in my memory...Yes, I do. One that is left to rot. I have moved over to Multiply, because my friends all preferred that then. But I've stopped updating that too. Now with Facebook, its just not a blog anymore.

Today, as I was reading thru the pages of the past, I thought, maybe its time to return.
Perhaps I should pen it down "before I grow old and senile".

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Friday, December 01, 2006



还有朋友说,够了,不干了。 多年后,风雨不改,原地不搬,牢骚依旧。做生不如做熟嘛!那也对。也有朋友说,七年了,和约满了,快失业了,该继续吗? 或许,应该改做别的。



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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The SMRT Cabby

Late for work, what's new?
Took a cab, as usual.

This one was really nice. He charged me only $10 instead of what's shown on the meter, which came to be almost $12. It wasn't a lot, but it certainly made my day. :D

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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Importance of Objectives

A meeting without an agenda is likely gonna be a waste of your time as you go around in circles, deviate from what's important and get sidetracked once too many. I never saw the importance of objectives or why we had to set one in the first place. Weren't rules made to be broken? Fortunately (or unfortunately), I've come to recognise the beauty of the bombastic word called OBJECTIVES.

Lamenting over lunch session, children who have "When I grow up, I want to be a...". The kids who didn't dream, didn't set goals and didn't know what they wanted to do are now in a kind of a dilema. What exactly is it that I want to do? What do I want to accomplish? Many of these questions are simply put in a black box with no answers and perhaps left to fate? Do you really want to do the same old crap in brand new shit? The same old shit is probably warmer and smells nicer? That was a joke a friend cracked.

Responsibilities come with committment. What is my objective of it all? What is your objective? How will the objective be met? Have you met them? I think I should stop being soft-hearted. It is truly a case of self improvement and self discovery through experience.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

La Marche de L'Empereur (Luc Jacquet)

I love animals, all creatures big and small. Did anyone know that? Finally got to catch March of the Penguins. Truly, a remarkable story about a life so precious and fragile, the ardous journey of bringing just one single chick to this world.

Emperor penguins live where most other creatures flee. It takes a good 9 months to get baby penguins.And the remainder 3 Summer months are spent in the Ocean. When the sun and moon meets halfway, Penguins walk for 10 days to a safe place (w/o food) to meet and dance for each other, find a partner, mate. Keep up or be left behind and condemned. The winter months are long and harsh with blizzard storms and dark. Penguins huddle together for strength, warmth and encouragement. The male and the female have only a single goal, to defend the precious life nested under downy feathers.

3 months passes, Mum has egg under her downy feathers, getting hungrier by the day. Dad takes over the following months until Mum returns. Clumsy penguins accidentally break the egg in the process, Egg freezes. Game over.

Mum travels 10 days to where she came from, in search for food and to bring food back in time for the little one so that the famished father can relinquish his responsibility and hunt for food. Some, never make it back. A snap from the Sealion takes 2 lives, the mother and the chick, who will never be fed. If Mum didn't return in time, Chick would be abandoned.

Chick is born in Spring. They are cold and need food. Some never made it. They died from the cold and hunger. Soon, Chick is strong enough to be out from under Mum. But rejoice not, for there is Bird. Penguins seek solace in numbers but the unfortunate chick is taken away. Dad returns. It is summer. Family gathers a last time before returning back to the sea for the next 3 Summer months. Next Winter, they will return to this place again. Cycle continues.

Nature works in wonderful ways, yet at the same time, cruel. But such is the way of the world and a survival of the fittest. What is love? A love of the emperor penguins, is truly remarkable.


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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why You So Stupid!

That's what I feel like telling boss number 2. He who can't even print something from the network drive himself and use email in an intelligent manner. He thinks he's the king living in the palace with 1000 palace girls to serve him and run errands for him. Then he nearly made me faint this morning when he tells me this component ABC of an e-ABC system is just "data transfer" because they already have the equipment. OMG.

Wake up your idea and pull up your socks.
You are lucky you still have a job.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Culinary Wizard

Chanced upon this website. Food reviews by someone from the industry. It has got to have some standard right?


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My Working Style

Just did the working style quiz and this is what I found. There must be something wrong :P

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

What "Toning" Really Means...

I cannot but feel like an idiot each time I try to convince someone about these facts. However, this article clearly nicely sums it up. *wink* I especially like the protein one.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Got Hand, Got Leg, Got Toilet Paper

I just accomplished 2 days of :nothing: in a small, tiny, enclosed space without windows at 18 degrees celcius. Frustration, disgusted and reminded of the lousy things people do. Despite 2 days of :nothing:, I actually feel happier because I do not have to see the faces of disrespect. So its actually quite :something:

I remind myself, I got hands, I got legs and recently, I remembered that I got toilet paper. Surely I don't die? Of cos I won't die. I figured out my worst scenario, and it doesn't sound very scary. Of cos I won't die.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sesame & Almond Paste

Right, another pastey dessert again. I was at Beauty World this time and finally got to eat the soft boiled eggs and bread I've been craving for so long now, for lunch. Tucked in a little corner stands a shop selling quaint desserts like fungus and papaya soup, pumpkin/yam paste and other interesting desserts. They sell pastes too! Right, naturally, my first question was, any 花生湖? No, was the answer (See, I told you!). I finally settled for Almond + Sesame Paste. Nice, also smooth but felt the texture of the peanut paste I had just a night ago was better and more fragrant. I could taste the starch in this one.

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Egg Custard

I finally got to make my own chawanmushi. You know, chawanmushi with wasabi tastes good. Some people say its simply weird combi. But I like it. So, who cares. The steamer was bought because of the furball I have at home. But for the first time in my life, I never felt the steamer I had at home was more useful than it looks.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Peanut Paste, My favourite!

I chanced upon 美香园甜品 in Hougang Mall by accident and the mini queue caught my eye. On second look, my favourite 花生湖! Well, besides trying brownies everywhere, this is something else I try everywhere. Enough taste, silky, smooth, not overpowering and not starchy. Going for $2.50 a bowl. I like it so much, so $2.50 wouldn't be unreasonable given that, its really not easy finding this delicacy locally. Right, did you know 花生湖 is really not easy to find. These shops can be selling every 湖 there is except 花生湖. Don't believe, try looking. Their mango and pomelo dessert going for $3.50 seems to be enjoying a pretty fast turnover.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I really do not think too highly of the intern sitting near me.

They sleep out in the open several times a day, blast the music (can't say this is all that bad) so the entire office shares his playlist, watch anime openly so that I can hear it as well, it was really loud. My new colleauge and I shot quizzical looks at one another and shrugged our shoulders.

Today over lunch (yes, we have lunch together), he proclaimed that he needs to sleep so he could go for track & field training later in the evening. Next, he attempted to asked my colleauge if he could go off earlier for his training which starts at 5.30 pm (Work hours end at 6 pm). So my colleauge asked him how often he needs to do this. "Actually, my track & field training is everyday." I guess he was just trying his luck for he later proposed if he could leave earlier on x & y day and make up for it on a, b, c day. In any case, he didn't get it either way because it was referred "up".

I've had interns under me before from the good to the mediocre and somewhat not-so-good ones. But this one has really pushed his luck too far. Luckily, he ain't mine. I have only one remark, young, immature and haven't seen how high the sky is. In any case, after working for close to 7 years, I haven't gotton the chance to see the other end of the rainbow either.


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Imagine this, you receive a contract job offer, you jump for joy and prepare anxiously as you await that first day of work. On your first day of work, your employer tells you the "good news". We are going to convert your contract term to a permanent basis. Please sign this if you have no objections. You look at the letter. The notice period has been extended 3 times to a harrowing 3 months.

Don't you feel you have been conned? Would you take it? Btw, the above scenario actually happened.


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